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Monday, August 30, 2004

  So, who's up for a hella-belated concert review, then?

I saw Aimee Mann at The Fillmore on the 21st. Naturally, she (and her ridiculously good band) r0x0red.

It was my second time seeing her live (the first time was in November '02 at The Warfield), and I was surprised that the audience at this show was so much younger. We're talking a mean age difference of at least fifteen years here. Aimee went so far as to comment on the issue at the beginning of the show, saying something like, "I'm glad it's not just old people who like me. I saw A Mighty Wind, and I found myself relating a little too strongly to the character of the aging folksinger -- so, thanks."

It was a lively, energetic show, memorable for Aimee's funny between-song banter (a gag she made at the expense of Tom Cruise was rekindled by both audience and performer several times over the course of the evening) and the antics of a bearded man at the edge of the stage who appeared to think he was at a Slipknot show, hooting and hollering and arrhythmically pumping his arms throughout every. single. song. If anyone's attention was diverted from the music, it was only to wonder what in HELL this guy was on.

The setlist was divided fairly evenly among Aimee's four albums and the Magnolia soundtrack, with the welcome addition of two new songs (the "Long Shot"-ish rock number "Going Through the Motions" and the pretty, piano-based "King of the Jailhouse") slated for inclusion on her next full-length.

The complete setlist, for my fellow setlist whores:

Real Bad News [stripped-down ukulele-centric version]
The Moth
Calling It Quits
Going Through the Motions
Humpty Dumpty
Driving Sideways
Wise Up
Save Me
Stupid Thing
That's Just What You Are
Pavlov's Bell
Long Shot [extended]

(first encore)
I've Had It [by request]
Red Vines [slower, extended]

(second encore)
King of the Jailhouse
Deathly [extended]

...And on a couple completely unrelated notes:

  • I was underwhelmed by Ben Folds's last two EPs (with the exception of the thoroughly enjoyable "Learn to Live with What You Are"), but I want to get my hands on his new one, Super D, as soon as possible, if only to hear his cover of The Darkness's "Get Your Hands off My Woman." If the clip available here is any indication, it should be off the chain.

  • New Dan Bern EP out tomorrow! Woohoo!

  • Eamon 4:47 PM

    Friday, August 27, 2004

      Suddenly much less embarassed.

    Dude. Kara's Flowers (who I discovered via an awesome mix my sister's ex made for me) is almost the same band as Maroon 5! I knew I was justified in grooving my ass off whenever that "This Love" song comes on. Damn!

    Rebecca C. Brown 8:43 PM

    Monday, August 09, 2004

      What, no Charles Manson songs?

    First it was ABBA, then it was well-known defensive driver Billy Joel. Now the Beach Boys are getting a musical:
    "Good Vibrations," a new musical using more than 30 Beach Boys songs, will open on Broadway in January. The show will begin preview performances in early December at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre. An opening date has not been announced.

    "Good Vibrations" has a book by Richard Dresser and centers around a group of small-town teenagers who move to Southern California. It will be directed and choreographed by John Carrafa, who created the dance sequences for "Urinetown" and the Vanessa Williams-starring revival of "Into the Woods."

    Among the songs expected to be used in the show are such Beach Boys classics as "Good Vibrations," "Fun, Fun, Fun," "California Girls," "Help Me, Rhonda," "Surf City," "Surfer Girl" and "Surfin' Safari."
    So how long is this "box-set musical" thing gonna last? I'm about halfway through that Ani musical I'm working on, but I can't find a plot device enabling my set of small-town teenagers to go to Manhattan and dig. I'm curious to see if anyone out there has some amusing ideas for other artists/bands that should get their own box-set musicals.

    Anyway, I'm curious to see how "Good Vibrations" pans out (though it will have to compete with "Spamalot", yikes!). Enjoy the fine second act of the show, in which said small-town teenagers have nervous breakdowns and refuse to appear on stage!
    Bren 1:40 PM

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